Studio Light B.V. is pleased that its customers wish to create and sell personal craftwork items incorporating their products, designs and images. We have drawn up an angel policy, not to limit your creativity, but merely to protect our designs and those of third parties. This Angel Policy specifies the ways in which our products may be used. Please read it carefully to see how it applies to you and your proposed sale of craftwork items.

We want you to get the most value out of our products, so we give you permission to use the products for creating personal and resalable items as long as the following terms are met:

For all products designed by Studio Light and third-party licensed products the following rules apply:

  • Each handcrafted item must be personally made by you, not mass produced.
  • Items may not be sold in big masses. A maximum of 200 items per product is allowed.
  • Items must be crafted by hand (no mechanical reproduction in any form is permitted)
  • Sold items must be completely finished and cannot be sold as a color page.
  • You may not reproduce or copy the designs by any means.
  • Items and images may not be used for logos or promotion materials.

Studio Light may modify this Angel Policy at any time, but will do this in sole discretion.


August 27, 2019